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Finding the Right Solution for You!

The award-winning WMA and WMA Institutional investment strategies are available to Accredited Investors through a number of different vehicles.

US Onshore: DUNN WMA, LLC (app. 22% Vol p.a)

Offshore:* DUNN WMA (app. 22% Vol p.a.) DUNN WMA Institutional (app. 11% Vol p.a.)
DUNN WVP (app. 22% Vol p.a.) 

European UCITS:* DUNN WMA Institutional UCITS (app. 11% Vol p.a.)

Finding the right vehicle for you is important, and if you have any questions in this regard, just send an email to: and we will make sure you get all the answers you need.

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*For these vehicles, we will direct your request to the appropriate party.